Calculate Hours Spent in Transition Status for on Epic childrens

Hi There,

I am trying to build the below report:

Unfortunately without a success.

Could you please guide me to make it working correctly?

I tried with many custom measures but the recent one is as follows (for the specific Transation Status):

      ([Transition Status].[In Design],[Issue Type].[Epic],[Measures].[Transition to status first date]),
      ([Transition Status].[In Design],[Issue Type].[Epic],[Measures].[Transition from status last date])
  ([Measures].[Hours spent],[Logged by].CurrentMember)

Thanks in advance for your support.

Hi @matiu91

Welcome to the Community! :100:

Did you try using the default dimension members and the predefined “Hours spent” measure from the Measures dimension?

Or are the default members/measures not returning any results?
Did you try to build the same report without the Issue dimension in Rows? This way you could check if the Hours spent are successfully imported for the users.

Looking forward to sorting this out!
​Best regards,
​Nauris / eazyBI support