Calculate logged hours per user across sprints for specific dates


Currently, I have a report to track logged hours by person for active sprint date range. I am doing this to track Sprint and Non Sprint work (Planning Sprint). To define the date range, I have created a calculated member for Time dimension which look like:
[Time].[Day].DateMembersBetween(‘June 24 2020’,‘July 8 2020’)

I have to manually update date range each time new sprint starts. I want to eliminate this manual work. Is there a better way to generate logged hours report for sprint and non sprint work .


Hi @richa.gupta
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You may want to add Sprint dimension in the report and select particular sprint: using together, Hours spent would retrieve hours logged only during the selected sprint was active and only for issues added to this sprint.
More detailed description how Hours spent works together with sprints you can find in documentation:

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