Calculate Reaction Time(Time spent between Assigned -> In Progress Status) and Resolution Time(Time spent between Assigned -> Ready for FT)

I’m new to eazyBI but I want to find the reaction time and resolution time for the JIRA issues,
where the ‘Reaction time’ is the time taken between two status changes(‘Assigned → In Progress’) & the ‘Resolution time’ is the time taken between status ('Assigned → Ready for FT) also a note there could be many status changes also in between.
Also, I want the output to be hours/minutes format for reporting purposes.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Srivatsa

In this case, you could explore the documentation page about “Issue change history import”

In your use case try using the predefined measure “Average days in transition status” or “Average workdays in transition status” with “Transition” dimension members to calculate the time in source status before it was changed.
See the picture below.
It means issue D11-1 spent 28.97 days or 21.01 workdays in status “To Do” before it was changed to “In progress”.

Martins / eazyBI support

Thanks, @martins.vanags,

I tried using the Average workdays in transition status but I am getting the value in decimal format.
Ex: 0.40, 0.15 likewise

Is there any report-specific calculated measure that I can write to convert this value into hours?

Thanks again.


You can create a new calculated measure with “Days hours minutes” format where you multiply measure “Average Workdays in transition status” by 2460 to calculate this result in minutes (smallest unit from the format).
But that won’t give you results in working hours, just convert days to a different format so you can display days, hours, and minutes for the same measure.

Martins / eazyBI

Hello @martins.vangas

I was trying to create a cycle time report and used the method suggested by you to create a calculated member withing the transition status dimension doing an aggregate of different status I want to include as part of cycle time .

However , while I’m able to see the values for the task issuetype I’m not getting and values for the story issuetype. Can you please help in letting know how can we resolve the isuue

Hi @martins.vanags
I understand this for 1 status at a time - Can we include multiple statuses?

Yes, you can create a calculated member in “Transition” or “Transition Status” dimension and aggregate more than one member.
Then select the new calculated member in the report page filter

Martins / eazyBI