Calculate the fix version scope change

I want to calculate the scope change of the release and that means we started the version with 200 story points for example and each sprint we add about 30 story points so i want to make a report that calculates the percentage of this change in each sprint

Hi @Issraa_Abdulaliem,

If one version covers several sprints and you would like to see how changes Story Points through the version, you might want to use measures “Story Points history” and see its value change over the period of Fix Version.
Start with the “Version Story Points Burnup and Burndown” report template:
Version Story Points Burnup and Burndown - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI.

If you woudl like to analyze scope change for individual Sprints, you might use Sprint scope measures.
Start with Story Points balance report to see commitment, completion, and changes:
Story Points balance by sprints.

Zane /