Calculate the hour spend time for each Assignee

For each issue I have two fields:

  1. Hour Spent : For starting the work individuals estimate commited time to finish a job.
  2. Remaining Hour Sepent: If issue is move to next sprint in the planning event individuales reestimate the work and we donot touch the value of “Hour Spent” field any more.

Now I want to calculate each assignee how much hours are spent to done its jobs at the end of sprint, there are few points as below:

  1. The issue is done if Resolution of issue is equal “Staging”.
  2. Our issue may have sub tasks if the issue has subtask. The father issue doesnot have assignee but sub tasks has assignee.
  3. For the first time that issue comes to sprint (first sprint) we read from “Hour Spent” field. If issue move to second sprint we read from “Remaning Hour Spent” field. If the issue move to third sprint or more the value of “Remaining Hour Spent” will change manually.

How can I create report to understand each assignee how much hours are spent to done its assigned jobs?


We suggest using the standard work logs and remaining hours’ history.
In such a case, the solution usually is possible. Please check similar solutions from our Demo account:
This dashboard provides a couple of reports based on the Time tracking.

Janis, eazyBI support