Calculate the number of days it has taken for the ticket to reach final stage

Good morning,

Please see the screenshot below. we would like to calculate the total number of days that ticket has taken from initial status to reach the final status “End Of Pre-Planning”.

Note: Resolution will not be set even when the ticket is in final stage "“End Of Pre-Planning”. The purpose of this project is different and it is not developed to track the development work.

We are new to eazy BI and finding it difficult to figure out a way to calculate the total days.

Hi @dineshloyapalli ,

Use this measure:

and replace “Done” with the name of your status.


Eli Solutions

You can consider adding this status as closed status for the account. Then you will be able to use a set of measures with closing date - Issues closed, Average closing days etc.

If you can’t use closed status you would need custom measures similar to the one @eli_solutions shared. Here is an example report in our demo account with custom calculations for different cycle calculations you can use as additional inspiration.

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