Calculate the sum of total row

Hello, I am new to eazyBI

So I have the table at the moment, I computed the total (last row) using total of rows but I have no idea how to get to the parts denoted in red an green

Hi @newtoeazyBI1 ,

First and foremost - welcome to the club!

There is a built-in option Total that lets you generate and display the total of Rows and Columns in the report.

If you would like to add up two of the Measures in your columns, you can define a new calculated measure with the following formula (replace with your measures):

[Measures].[Story Point Due]
[Measures].[Story Point Resolved]

This will return the sum of these two measures. You can also Aggregate members in other dimensions as well.

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Nauris / eazyBI support

The thing is total (I denoted in red) is the sum of the last row and not the sum of columns.

In your case, you can still enable the built-in “Total row” option and create a new measure with the following formula:

[Measures].[Issues closed]

Note that this solution hard codes the necessary measure to sum. Therefore, if you change your report measure to Issues created or any other, then you need to change it in this formula as well.

Nauris / eazyBI support