Calculate the time from issue created to issue updated with a specific label; is this possible?

I would like to create a report that shows the time from ticket creation to the ticket updated with a specific label, in this case “initial-triage”. Is this possible?

I tried the above but it’s showing blank, so I know I did something wrong, but not sure what.


This use case cannot be created with the standard measures. eazyBI does not track the changes of the multiple value fields.

A workaround is possible on Jira Cloud only, where we can access more details from the issue history and can find the date when specific labels are set by creating a New calculated field.

The following Javascript should do that:

var result=null;
var found=false;
for (hist of issue.changelog.histories) {
  for (hist_item of hist.items) {
     if (hist_item.field=="labels" 
          && hist_item.toString.indexOf("initial-triage")>-1) 
      found=true; break;
if (!found && issue.fields.labels.join(" ").indexOf("initial-triage")>-1) {result=issue.fields.created}
return result

This field will create a new property for each issue where the label set date is stored and can be used for further calculations like this:

  [Measures].[Issue created date],
  [Measures].[Issue Label set date]


It worked!

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