Calculate time from creation of issue until a field is populated, or issue leaves particular status

Sorry to have to ask. I’m pretty new to eazyBI but can’t seem to find the answer anywhere.

I want to calculate the difference in workdays between when an issue was created and when it was assigned. I’d like to do this by compared the time of the issue being created with the time it first leaves the status ‘Awaiting Assignment’.

While I can figure out using DateDiffWorkday etc. how to calculate to, say, the generic first transition or such, I can’t figure out how to specify ‘Transition from status first date’ should only apply to when if first moves from ‘Awaiting Assignment’.

Any help would be most appreciated! Thanks!

Yes you are correct. you would like to use DateDiffWorkdays function to calculate workdays between two dates. You can use default issue property Issue created date as one parameter for this function.

You are also correct, about the usage of measure Transitions from status first date to get a DateTime for a specific status change. You can use it in a tuple with the Transition status dimension and Time default member as well.

Here are some similar topics on this with some formula examples:
The first one might be the most relevant to you, however, check others as well:

The examples contain Transitions to status first dateswitch it to Transitions from status first date. Those two work in a similar way. Address your status within the formulas as well.

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So sorry it took me so long to acknowledge this but your answers were all so helpful and a modified version of the formula in the first example is giving me just the numbers I need. Thank you so very much!!!