Calculate total days in a status


I am looking to create a filter that calculates the total days an issue has been in a certain status. For example, if an issue was previously in “review” status and was moved back a step to another status and them move back to "review’, how can I calculate the previous time in “review” plus the current time in “review”?

eazyBI by default calculates a time an issue was in a particular status with measure Days in transition status. The measure does not take into account a time how long an issue is in this status now since the last transition to the status.

You can calculate time in current status using DateDiffDays function with Issue status updated date.

Here is an example report in our demo account with Issues in a particular status Issue days in backlog.

You would like check out the measure Days in transition status til now.

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Thanks! I was looking for this answer and just found it! Issue status updated date should be in the Predefined section