Calculate total of a Field in Gantt Chart with time

I am trying to get display a gantt chart with start date and end date of an issue along with a value (entered in custom field). I would call it customValue
Now I want to get total of customValue at bottom from all the active issues in the time period.
Ex - Issue 1 is active between Jan 01 2020 and June 30 2020 with customValue as 10
Issue 2 is active between March 15 2020 and May 30 2020 with custom Value as 20.
Gantt chart will show Issue 1 timeline for 6 months whereas Issue 2 for 2.5 Months.

Expected result is to get total:
From Jan 01 2020 to March 15 2020 - Value should be 10 at bottom/bar as only issue 1 is active in time frame
From March 15 2020 to May 30 2020 - Value should be 30 at bottom/bar as both issues are active during that span of time.
From May 30 2020 to June 30 2020 - Value again shows as 10 at bottom/bar as issue 2 end date is completed.

Is there any way to achieve it using EazyBI for Jira.

Custom Field Used : Start Date, End Date and customValue.
P.S: Issue create date would be in past or future.

eazyBI does not have an option to show values (resource plane) in a Gantt. We create bars to show when any work starts and is planned to end.

You would like to use some Table chart with Time on Columns to plot an overview of resource plan. You can check out this community topic for an example formula:

The formula address Start date and End date and will split Original estimated hours between those two dates. You can use you custom meausre created isntead of Original estimated hours for this.

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