Calculated Field for Open Issues

I am looking to create a calculated field to list Open Issues in the Issue dimension. I do not want a measure of some aggregate of open issues, but literally a list of all open issues so that I can sub-select those members and display each one on the report and report on other information. This would operate in a similar manner to “Select all members at level” of “Issue”, except that it excludes closed issues.

I am struggling with the syntax. Does anyone have any suggestions or can anyone point me to a good MDX tutorial?

HI @CupplesJim,

I understand your intent that you would like to easily pic all open issues for the report. However, I do not recommend creating a calculated member in the Issue dimension as Issue dimensions usually have a significant amount of members (issues) and would go through all of them every time you run the report.

You might want to filter open issue using Status dimension on pages which represent issue current status. Filter report data by status categoriesTo Do” and “In Progress” to get open issues. Or you may aggregate those status categories as Open issues (

If you have a significant amount of issues and the majority of reports are for currently open issues, then you may consider creating a separate account for open issues. And add JQL to filter and import issue without resolution data (

Zane /

Thank you Zane.

Jim C