Calculated Field to Aggregate Components


If I had a JIRA project called “Test” and it has three components “A”, “B”, “C”, is there a way to create a calculated field that groups “A”, and “C” together? I will called the formula “Group A” so this way I can filter it when I look under the projects dropdown:

Group A

Thanks in advance for your help!

You can use Function Aggregate to aggregate particular Project components. You can list them in the formula directly or filter out by some pattern.

This is an example of how you can list particular components in the function:

  [Project].[<project name>].[<componet name1>],
  [Project].[<project name>].[<componet name2>]

You can search and bookmark for components and select them directly in the report along with the calculated member. We suggest using distinct count measures with calculated members in dimension with multiple values to avoid double counting of issues with several components.

In my report example, I am aggregating two components UP and LEFT and I am using several components, including those aggregated ones in the report directly as well. Please check the difference in values for calculated member. Issues created double counts issues with both components. Issues created count gives a count of issues with any of the values listed in calculated members.

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