Calculated issue type with issues that have a specific issues type as issue link


We have an issue type called “Escalations”. Escalations can have bug associated and I would like to create a calculated issue type called “Bugs from escalations”.

“Bugs from escalations” should contain all bugs with an issue link to “escalations”.

Any thoughts on what’s the best approach?

Hi @jdmaab ,
You can import issue links as a separate dimension. First, you need to configure this dimension in eazyBI advanced settings for it to be available in import options. Then import the dimension into the eazyBI account and use it in your report.
See this community article on detailed instructions:

You might need some additional formulas to represent data on linked issues. Here are some example measures that you can use in your report. Copy the measures in your account, and adjust dimension name “Bugs” in the formulas to the name you are using for your issue link dimension: Stories with Bugs details - Issues - eazyBI Demo Training - eazyBI

Gerda //

Thanks @gerda.grantina !

I did that and I have the issue link imported and available. However, not been able to come with a filter that based on parent link properties (issue type). So still looking for options here.