Calculated Measure Performance Improvement - Help Needed

Hello everybody,

I’m in need of some help around here. We have been working on improving our reports performance so we don’t hit any timeouts.

The only report I’m still unable to improve is one that we use to calculate productivity by dividing our Story Points Completed with our Team Sizes

My main problem is around collecting the team sizes.

We have a custom field that’s called “Team Size”. This one’s on a specific issue type that we create for each sprint called “Sprint Overview”

I found that someone created this calculated measure to pull the value of that team size from every sprint:

I honestly think this one can be refactored to something better since I’m trying to build an account that pulls every single project from the company and it will definitely not work with what we have right now.

This is how we calculate Story Points per Engineer:

The report will look something like this:


You can create a Javascript field in Advanced Settings and pre-calculate this measure during the import.

Thanks for your answer, that seems to be a great idea.

Now, I was able to identify the custom field key as “customfield_17401” but I don’t think I understand how I should build the JavaScript

This is what I’ve been preparing so far:

name = "Team Size"
data_type = "decimal"
measure = true

Is that good enough? On the measure that I placed on top I’m using the descendants function to go inside each sprint and then sum all of those values.

What do you think?

No, it’s a lot more complex than this.
First try to use “Team Size Created” measure. It might help.
If not, need to write Javascript code that will pre-process the team sizes for the Sprints, and that will be very fast measure.
But I cannot help you in writing this. I recommend opening a ticket to EazyBI Support.

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That’s what I thought, it does seem to be more complicated than that. I just opened a ticket with support.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to answer mi doubts!