Calculated Measures: Filter Sub-tasks from Tasks (filtered from other Dimensions)

Hey there,

In our Project are the Tasks sorted by Fix Version and Components.
We want to create a Report which shows at first all Tasks Within one Fix Version and one Component.
The second step would be to add the Sub-tasks which aren’t sorted Fix Version and Component, so the only connection from Task to Sub-task is the Task himself.
What should the filter in the calculated measuers look like to give me these Infos in the Report.

Thank you for any answer!

Regards Michi

Hi @Michi10,

To filter the Tasks, you could use the Fix version and Project dimensions on the pages. After that, you could add the measure “Sub-tasks created” - it will display the count of sub-tasks of the filtered Tasks regardless of the applied filters. Please have a look at the picture below on how it would look in a sample report:

Kind regards,
Robert // eazyBI support