Calculated member Current User doesn't works as expected

Hi a good man/women who could help me)

I have tried for Assignee Demension Calculated member formula
[Assignee].[Current Assignee] =
IIF( Count([Assignee].[User].getMemberByKey(CurrentUser()))>0,

From EasyBI test account Sprint issue review - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI
But in My case it shows all issues which were earlier assigned to the user in the Table report.

Also I have the same problem with the Sprint Demension.

I will be gratefull if someone could help me with the problem or will show me the similar topic in eazyBI community.



The report contents depend on the measures used in the report. The Sprint issue review report uses the Sprint scope measures that capture the historical data of issues in sprint. You might need to consider the use of other measures in the report if you wish to see the current status of issues by assingee in sprint.

Janis, eazyBI support