Calculated member excluding some labels

Hi friends!

I’m tryng to create a calculated member in eazybi excluding 4 labels:
Q12021, Q22021, Q32021 e Q42021

I used the following codes that I found in the community. They are:

Descendants([Label].CurrentMember, [Label].[Label]),
[Label].CurrentMember.Name NOT MATCHES ‘^2021.*’),
[Label].[Label].CurrentMember )

and this:


But unsuccessfully, because when I go to the option in the report: drill throught issue the following error occurs:

Query execution time out…

Am I doing something wrong?eazybi

Hi @guinevere,

The formula to aggregate several labels except the four listed is correct. This works well on overview reports; however, it might be too slow when drilling through individual issues as eazyBI validates all labels for each issue. There might be room for report optimization to match the main use case for a particular report and the data. ​

​One method is to incorporate the label logic already in the calculated measures. ​There are few use cases

Zane /