Calculated member for JQL?

I have a user that needs to filter data per the Scriptrunner JQL:
issueFunction not in issuesInEpics(“project =X and status in (Draft, Icebox)”)

This is possible with a user-defined calculated measure? Does anyone have the code snippet that will do this? Thank you!

ps. I should add that it is a large project with many reports, so we don’t want to filter the whole cube this way, just for a specific report/set of reports.

Hi @mschase

Could you please give a bit more details on what the goal of the report is? How should it looks (what would there be in Rows and in Columns)?
Also, could you explain in non-scriptrunner-jql terms- which issues exactly would you like to select?
Do I understand correctly that you want to select all issues except the “Draft” and “Icebox” issues that are in Epics of Epics that are in Project X?

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