Calculated Member for Sprint by using Sprint ID from Jira

Hi - I have a sprint in Jira that changes names and I wanted to be able to generate a report based off the Sprint ID vs the member name.

I tried using @daina.tupule’s code below from a different discussion and modified it to only one sprint ID. But It didn’t work as displayed unless I modified it to remove the ampersand sign. Then it displays all tickets in the project, not just the one sprint I want targeted.

The Sprint ID in JIRA is 21586

What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance!

Daina’s code:


Modified Code:


You are using syntax to address the member by name. While you do not need to use a level when addressing the name (the second [Sprint] indicates level Sprint in dimension Sprint) eazyBI will ignore it in this case.

However, when you would like to address the member by key, you should use the symbol & before the brackets to indicate that you will use kay instead of the name. With this setup, you should address dimension and level by name and then set a key of the member you would like to address in this level.

Try this one:


Daina /

Thanks Daina! I was able to create that calculated member, is there a rule where I can limit it to not display any other tickets from other sprints? It aggregates the count I needed for the specific sprint, but it still displays all other sprints (closed/open) and tickets that are not in a sprint.