Calculated member not returning data when changing time dimension


I’m new to EazyBI and would really appreciate some help.
I have setup the below calculated members to retrieve data from some custom fields. One counts the amount of time and the other counts the average duration.

Amount of Time

sum([Measures].[Call Duration due])*60

Average Duration

sum([Measures].[Call Duration due]) / [Measures].[Issues created] *60

Example of Table

The issue I’m getting is when I change the time from all time I lose the data in these members.
What do I need to add so that when I change the time dimension it looks and counts that specific time period i.e. Jan 2023.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @Paul_90

Issues created and two of your calculated measures (2 formulas you shared) would recalculate the results basedon issue created date when you filter the Time dimension in page filter.
If issue is created in one month but you select other, you won’t see the your 2 calculated measures giving any result.

Martins / eazyBI