Calculated Member to Count Number Sales marked as 'New'

Hello eazyBI team,

I am just getting started with the Jira add-on and have trouble defining calculated members using MDX.
I am trying to analyze Atlassian Marketplace data and have a table report with time (by weeks) on rows. As a column I would like to define the number of new sales in a given week.
I have a top level dimension [Sale Type] with ‘New’ being one of the members. How do I define the calculated field to return the count of sales matching ‘New’ for the displayed time frame?

Thanks in advance for the help,


Hi David,

You could try to create a new calculated member in the Measures dimension, which would form a tuple with the member “New” from the dimension Sale type and a measure, in your case it could be “Invoice count”. The MDX formula would look like this:

([Sale Type].[New],[Measures].[Invoice Count])

Please have a look at our documentation page for more information on Mesures, Dimensions, and creating new calculated members.

​Robert / eazyBI support.

Hi Robert,
thank you for your answer.

I have tried doing exactly that using
([Sale Type].[New],[Measures].[Paid Licenses])
but the cells remains empty.

([Sale Type].[New],[Measures].[Revenue])
however returns the correct Revenue for only Sales marked as ‘New’
Do you have any other ideas?

Hi David,

What does the measure Paid Licences display with just the Sale Type dimension in rows?

Roberts / eazyBI support.