Calculated member to filter when Resolution Reason is blank for specific Resolved status

Hello, I am looking for help with adding a new Calculated Member under Measures that would capture tickets that are resolved as Auto-Resolved but have an empty value for Resolution Reason. In JQL it is

Resolution = Auto-Resolved and “Resolution reason” is not EMPTY

I tried the following but got an error

Filter([Resolution].[Auto-Resolved],NOT IsEmpty([Resolution reason]))

Thanks in advance for your help!

Hi Melissa,

If you have imported the Resolution reason as a dimension, then the easiest would be to use the tuple.

First, create a calculated member in Resolution reason dimension named ‘Except none’:
[Resolution reason].[Resolution reason].Members,
[Resolution reason].[(none)]

Then use it in the Measure:
[Measures].[Issues created],
[Resolution reason].[Except none]

Lauma /