Calculated sprint story point in specific transition status


I want to define the velocity of a sprint but for me a issue is closed when specific transition is did.

For example a issue is closed if there are a transition to “A RECETTER” or “FAIT” or “A TESTER” → it’s depend of the issue type.

So I have et calculated measure like this

[Measures].[Sprint Story Points at closing],
[Transition Status].[A RECETTER]

However there have only one status but I want to take three transitions.

I can’t change my import data for change the definition of issue closed.

Hi @jerome_lgr ,
Great that you already get at this tuple that checks the story points at this transition status.
When you have multiple transitions statuses, you can do the same approach, but before that, you need to create a new calculated member in Transition status.

  [Transition Status].[A RECETTER],
  [Transition Status].[FAIT],
  [Transition Status].[A TESTER]

And then in the tuple reference newly created member.

Gerda //

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Yeah thanks, it works :slight_smile: however I onlysee the story point at the end of the sprint (because the data “sprint story points at closing”)

How can I see the story point day by day during the sprint ?

Hi @jerome_lgr ,
You can check this formula “Sprint Issues remaining” from this demo report: Issues burn-down in sprint - Issues - Jira Demo - eazyBI