Calculated time in status in selected time period


I need a report that calculates how long the request stays in a status.
My point about this report is the timeline.
For example, I have a request that has been “in progress” for a month. But I want to calculate that in the last week the request has been a few days/hours in each status.
In other words, I want a report that shows me the number of days/hours the request stays in each status in the selected time period.
can you write this calculated member?


Would that be an issue-level report as each issue can stay in different status for a different length?
If one issue was 4 last days in June, and 7 days this month (July 2021), but another issue was already 5 days in May, 30 days in June, and 14 days in July, how would your report look like?
Would you filter it per one issue at a time?
Would you filter the report just for one status at a time?

Here is one report example to calculate the overdue issues in the time.

Martins / eazyBI.

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