Calculating Based on two custom values

I have a measure that is working fine that pulls values of a custom field is set to No

([Capitalization].[(none)] ,
[Measures].[Story Points resolved])

But I need to have two values checked - so something like

([Capitalization].[(none)] and [Capitalization].[No],
[Measures].[Story Points resolved])

But it is not working - any help appreciaed

Found the answer

(([Capitalization].[No] ,
[Measures].[Issues resolved])+ ([Capitalization].[(none)] ,
[Measures].[Issues resolved])) / [Measures].[Issues resolved]

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Hi Brian,

Yes, it is so that in Tuple you can reference each dimension only once. Besides what you thought of there is another workaround to create an Aggregate(…) calculated member in Capitalization dimension with name, e.g., “None and No” and following formula


And then use this Capitalization member in the tuple

  [Measures].[Issues resolved],
  [Capitalization].[None and No]

Lauma /