Calculating Flow Efficiency

Hi community, thanks in advance for any further help!

I want to create a measure to calculate flow efficiency and have no clue how to do it.
The formula is basically TouchTime (Team effort) / Lead Time (Total life time of an issue).

To do so, I need to pick and group (sum up) the time spent from specific statuses and pick and group (sum up) the time spent in all of statuses, and use the formula above to give me the number.

Can someone guide me?

Hi @Rafael_Pessoa,

As the first step, I recommend defining a calculated member in the Transition Status dimension that aggregates the specific statuses. See the eazyBI documentation page on defining a calculated member in a dimension - Calculated measures and members.
The formula for the Transition Status dimension calculated member could look similar to the one below:

  [Transition Status].[In Progress],
  [Transition Status].[Review],
  [Transition Status].[QA]

Once you have done that, you can define a new calculated measure in Measures to return the desired metric. For example, the formula could look similar to the one below:

([Measures].[Days in transition status],
[Transition Status].[CALCULATED_MEMBER])
([Measures].[Days in transition status],
[Transition Status].DefaultMember)

Use the calculated member defined in the first step instead of CALCULATED_MEMBER.

Visit the eazyBI documentation page for more information on defining calculated measures -​

It perfectly worked!

Thank you so much! @roberts.cacus

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