Calculating Predicted Date of Completion: Open Issues x Avg Res. Time using DateAddDays

I’m trying to generate a report that spits out a predicted completion date
I built a measure that takes Open Issues * Average Resolution Days and spits out a number of days. I’d like to make this report automatic and dynamic by adding that measure to DateAddDays (Now(calculation) but it looks like the MDX only excepts an integer there. Is this true and if not is there a workaround?

Case when
([Measures].[Open issues],
[Time].CurrentHierarchy.DefaultMember) > 0
DateAddDays( Now(),([Measures].[Days to resolve open issues]))

expecting an output of a date 21 days in the future for the latest time member but getting an integer of over 43,000


Your formula looks correct! The problem is with eazyBI trying to detect the result formatting and failing… :frowning: eazyBI thinks the result will be a numeric value and formats it to integer by default, giving the date as timestamp. Instead, please set the formatting to one of date formats and you should see the expected date

Lauma /

Hi @jtalarico,

Can you give me a hind about how you calculated [Measures].[Days to resolve open issues]? I have difficulties on get measurement for a specific date. Like the number for today.