Calculating with Execution Status


I still do not understand how to calculate with Tests that are in a certain Status.
I need a new Custom field, where I just sum all the Tests in Status Passed and all the Tests in Status Failed.
Can anyone expain how to get those fields in my calculation?

Thank you very much.

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To get tests by their statuses, you may want to combine a measure that counts test executions and a dimension containing test execution statuses. You can either combine them in a report or create a calculated measure (in Measures) containing a tuple from the measure that counts tests and test execution status dimension member PASS, FAIL etc.

There are three test management tools eazyBI is integrated with, and for each particular tool their structure are a bit different, therefore, eazyBI measures and dimensions are slightly different as well. You may check in eazyBI documentation which measure and dimension could be used in your case:

One example valid for XRay test management data: the following calculated measure would count tests having PASS executions:

([Measures].[Xray Tests with executions],
 [Xray Test Execution Status].[PASS])

Or, as said, you may create a report with this same Xray Test Execution Status dimension (expanded) in rows and measure “Xray Tests with executions” in columns to see totals of tests by their execution statuses.