Calculation of workdays in transition not correct

Im new here and I hope to get some help from this fantastic community.

I need to get the total time spent in two transitions, and also the time spend on flagged.
I tried 2 answer from the community Resolution Time deducting time spent in status - #3 by roberts.cacus
and Resolution Time deducting time spent in status - #8 by roberts.cacus

The issue is that some jira issues are being calculated, not others
The second problem is that the time calculated is not the correct - like i have issues with 2 hours in a status showing as 2 minutes
the third problem is that the table is showing february, even if filtering just

Measure I created

[Transition Status].[Novo],
[Transition Status].[FAZENDO],
[Transition Status].[Fazendo.]
[Measures].[Workdays in transition status]

{[Transition Status].[Novo],
[Transition Status].[FAZENDO],
[Transition Status].[Fazendo.]}

I hope some one jump in to help me.

Hello @Patricia_Francezi

Thanks for posting your question here! It seems you also reached out to us directly. However, I will also post the answer here in case other eazyBI users face something similar.

The reason some of the Jira issues might not be calculated is because the report is filtered by January. eazyBI will then consider the time spent in the selected statuses in January.

The returned values are Workdays in transition status. To return the values in time in Days/hours/minutes, please try defining a new calculated measure with the formula in the screenshot below (the aim is to convert “Workdays in transition status” into minutes) and choose the formatting to “Duration” → Days, hours and minutes.

Best wishes,

Elita from