Can "Dynamic Forms" field supported?

In our JIRA project, we are using a JIRA plugin called “Dynamic Forms”. Are these fields in “Dynamic Form” can be used in easyBI?

Anybody know if this jira plugin can be used?

Hi @ming,

eazyBI does not have integration with Dynamic Forms.

However, you can import Dynamic Forms custom fields using Advanced settings (read more in the documentation: Advanced settings for custom fields).

For example, you can import your customfield as the dimension using this code in advanced settings (change NNNNN to your customfield ID):

data_type = "string"   
dimension = true

Zane /

It returned this error:

Any help is apreciated

@Nicolas_Ferreira_Nei, the field “Custom JavaScript code” in the import option is not the right place where to place the code.
The code should be added to eazyBI advanced settings (documentation on
Advanced settings for custom fields). See the picture below:

Thank you very much! It worked perfectly!

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