Can I dedupe results when using multiple select of members?

We have a custom field that is a multi-select field. It represents a report identifier. An epic can belong to more than one report, so it can have multiple values for this custom field. We have mapped it into eazyBI correctly and it works as expected. We did notice one interesting fact, when we use the the multi-select to grab a subset of members, then the results displayed are the addition of the count for each member, rather than the deduped total.

Here is an example.

Let’s call my custom field (multi-select) = “Report”, which I’m putting in the Pages dimension, with Project Category in the Rows dimension and Issues created in the COlumns dimension. When I have the “All Report” member selected, I get these counts:

   Issues created

Category 1 - 5580
Category 2 - 2680
Category 3 - 2021
Category 4 - 4030
Category 5 - 2338
Total - - - - - 16649

This is the correctly deduped count of issues by category

When I de-select the “All Reports” member, and multi-select each individual Report Member, the total count I get goes up, since it is adding each individual reports count, and not deduping.

   Issues created

Category 1 - 5603
Category 2 - 2977
Category 3 - 2331
Category 4 - 4569
Category 5 - 2422
Total - - - - - 17902

This count is not deduped and is higher than the total number of issues (and higher than the All Report member).

My question is, is there any way that I can specify if I want deduping to happen or is the only option to have dupes counted, if we use the multiple select tool, selecting more than 1 member?


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A multi-select field may multiply measure value in a report when used as multi-selection page filter or calculated member. An issue may have several multi-select values and is counted as one for each value.

To get distinct issue count you may use measure Issues created count (

If several multi-select field values are selected in a report, and one issue belongs to two of selected multi-select values then measure Issues created value is two but Issues created count value is one for this issue.

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