Can I duplicate my work hour formula in Eazy BI


I am trying to create a report in Easy BI that will compute an SLA that accounts for work hours(8-5) and work days (M-Fr). I can do it in Excel but I am having a problem recreating it in Easy BI.

The formula in Excel is =NETWORKDAYS(E3,F3)9-24(MOD(E3,1)-9/24+18/24-MOD(F3,1))
Note: E3 = create date and F3 = Resolved date

Is there a way to duplicate this formula in Eazy BI since we are not using JIra Service Desk


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You can use a similar calculation in MDX as well. There is a bit different way how to address it, but here it comes. I added an Average aggregation over a set of issues to get it working for totaling members as well.

    Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
      [Measures].[Issue resolution date],
    ([Measures].[Issues created],
    [Time].CurrentHierarchy.Defaultmember) > 0
-- ### workhours calculation on Issue level ###
     DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue created date]),
     DateAddDays(DateWithoutTime([Measures].[Issue resolution date]),1)
-- 9 represents working hours in a day and 24 hours are calendars hours in a day
  (mod(cast(format([Measures].[Issue created date], "###.######") as NUMERIC),1)
-- 9 and 18 represent working time from 9 till 18
  mod(cast(format([Measures].[Issue resolution date], "###.######") as NUMERIC),1)

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Thank you so much! This works great.

Hi @rfire08,

On Cloud and since eazyBI version 6.5, there is a new MDX function DateDiffWorkhours() that calculates the duration between two dates in working hours.
For more details please see the documentation: DateDiffWorkhours

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