Can I get Test Execution Status from Zephyr and sort by Team custom field?

Hi, I’m sorry if this is an elementary question, but I’m having trouble finding the specific information I need. I have a user who wants to see Test Execution Status (from Zephyr) by Team (a select list custom field), which sounds like a simple ask, but it’s not - the regular Jira search will see Team but not Test Execution Status, and the Zephyr search will see Test Execution Status but not Team. So I’m trying to figure out if eazyBI will get me both. We’re on Jira data center, not cloud, if that’s relevant. Thanks for any insight!

Hi @mschase,

You contacted us also via the internal support channel. In response, I requested more details regarding which Zephyr product you refer to - Zephyr Scale or Zephyr Squad. Unfortunately, I didn’t hear back from you. Please share additional information and possibly a screenshot of the report your user had in mind.

Roberts //