Can multiple aggregates be added? (or something similar)


Is it possible to add multiple aggregates? We would need this (or something similar) for the following case:

  • we use the Epic type in JIRA to reflect the Feature from the SAFe essentials schema, at program level. This is because we need its ‘issues in epic section’ so badly. Therefore, in each sprint, several Features (epic issue type in JIRA) are delivered.

What we would like to show is something similar:

sprint epic story structure

Do you have any suggestions how to obtain this in a more easily readable way?

Thank you!

Thanks to @janis.plume I consider this question solved.

The solution that fits my needs is to add a new hierarchy using the following in advanced settings:

name = “Sprints”
all_member_name = “All Issues by Sprints”
levels = [

The new hierarchy will be available for the ‘Issue’ dimension.

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