Can not find All members in Lead analyst

I need to have 10 people from Lead analyst to filter but while creating the formula i could not find all the 10 members.

for example Aggregate({[Lead Analyst].[Name1],[Lead Analyst].[Name2],[Lead Analyst].[Name3]})

out of 10 members i could only find 4.

What I should change or this is something related to import setting ?

Hi @himanshushrivastava,

When importing data from Jira, the data model is built around issues and you can get data on issues selected for data import. It means only those custom field values would appear in dimensions that are assigned to some issue in this account.

For example, if the Lead Analyst is assigned to an imported issue, then the person’s name would appear in the dimension “Lead Analyst”. In your case, it looks like there are 4 analysts assigned to imported issues. The rest of the analysts are not imported because non of them are assigned to issues from projects selected for data import.

Such a feature request to import all possible field values is already on the eayBI backlog. But I can not give any estimate when it will be available. In any case, we will update this post.

Zane /

Hi @zane.baranovska ,

Thankyou for commenting the possible solution.

while trying all possibilities , I tried to bookmark the users(Lead analyst) first and I was able to book mark them. Then in the formula field I just clicked on the bookmarked names and the formula got created automatically and I was able to add those users.

So it was managed some how.


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