Can not import all data to eazyBI for jira, when use my own certificate

Hi everyone

I created my own certificate and ca for my jira instance (with keytool). And I install eazyBI for jira.

-When I tring to import date from jira, only parts of data(about 400 issues) can be imported.

-I found a warning message in the setting page of eazyBI .
Failed to make a REST API request to the Jira Base URL https://myip. Faraday::SSLError: Received fatal alert: bad_certificate

-When not using ssl with my own certificatite, this issue will not happen.

This really confused me , is there any hint to this problem? Thanks every much.

Hello @Liu_Liming,

Which version of eazyBI are you using? Could you please send your eazyBI log file via our contact form? Also, send server.xml from {jira install dir}/conf.

Before eazyBI version 5.0.3, there were several issues related to jira base URL detection, this could be related to that.



The verision of eazyBI for JRIA is 5.0.2. And I had sent log file and server.xml file to you.

Liming Liu

The issue is related to specific Jira server configuration. The Apache Tomcat HTTP Connector has SSL configuration attribute clientAuth which value is to “true” ( Such configuration eazyBI does not support. The workaround would be to create one more specific HTTP Connector for eazyBI usage.