Can we cache the dashboard results for next loading?


The dashboard is too slow to showing us , seems like the calulating always occurs when the dashboard loading. can we cache the first dashboard loading results and use it for next loading? it will help us to save a lot of useful time… since the source data is imported only once per day and the calulated memebers will not be changed for a long time…

please let me know the result. thanks a lot

Best Regards
Annie Gao

Hi @xinranmo,
Yes, you are correct - part of the calculations are being re-calculated when the dashboard is opened. In the same time it depends on what calculations you are using in your dashboard reports. As, for example, tuples are cached as they are default stored measures and by using them the report performance will be improved. As well as performance of the dashboard will be better if the calculated measures are containing stored measures.
If you are having performance issues with dashboard reports, it would be best to identify which report is causing the slowness and then write to us, as maybe there can be done some improvements to the report itself.

Gerda //