Can we change the Version Report to account for Time estimates?

The goal is to generate the Version Report account with the “Original time estimated hour with sub-tasks” and “Remaining time estimated hours with sub-tasks”.

If this is already available please direct me to the documentation.

Thank you!


There could be limitations for a complete implementation of the Version report basing on the time estimates. The measures with the original estimates are differently built in eazyBI than with the story points.

An out-of-the-box measure in eazyBI is the Remaining estimate hours history giving the version burn-down basing on the hours estimates. Other metrics need custom calculations and might depend on your use case. I tried a small example with the following custom measures.

The total scope for Version:

([Measures].[Original estimated hours with sub-tasks],

The resolved estimates:

  [Measures].[Issues resolved]>0
  ([Measures].[Original estimated hours with sub-tasks],

I imported the definition of the version report from eazyBI Demo account ( and put these measures instead of currently available:

My data shows that the remaining estimates might not be consequently managed and adjusted with the resolved issues. Note also that remaining estimate history tracks precisely estimates what those were at the exact moment. The original estimates are not tracked historically in eazyBI that might be a limitation for this report.

Please, contact support once you need more detailed guidance on the solution.

Janis, eazyBI support