Can we get our eazybi report update automatically when we have status changes on jira?

I would like to know if instead of manually run everyday data import to get our report updates, we can get automatically those updates when we for example close a case, move a case to complete , etc

Hi ,

Yes you can use the periodic import feature of EAZY BI and set it acc to your requirements like 30 minutes , 2 hours , 1 hours or once a day

Go to Source Data
Go to General Tab
Go to Bottom of Page and select as per your needs

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Hi @julitum,

eazyBI currently doesn’t have an option to trigger an import by a specific action in Jira. For small eazyBI accounts, you can try to select import frequency as low as every 10 minutes. This would probably require limiting the number of imported projects, custom fields and maybe adding a JQL filter in the eazyBI import settings to discard older issues.

Another option is to set up the import to run at a specific time daily. The benefit of this is all users would know how old the data is and when to expect a refresh.

Please visit the eazyBI documentation page for more information on import frequency and JQL filters.

Roberts // eazyBI support