Cannot Display Jira Cloud reports in Confluence Cloud

Hello, I am not able to select an eazyBI account when trying to insert the eazyBI for Jira Report to display on a Confluence page. We have both eazyBI for Jira Cloud and eazyBI for Confluence Cloud and our app links are in place. Most of the information I have seen pertains to server rather than cloud accounts. If you can help, that would be most appreciated!

I am not on the cloud but on my side I can see in the profile setting that I have an authorization between Jira and Confluence. I remember that I had to accept to link the Jira accounts to Confluence the first time I wanted to import an EazyBI dashboard.

Please make sure that you have access to eazyBI accounts when opening eazyBI from Jira Cloud.

Martins / eazyBI