Cannot Import Change History for Custom Scripted Fields

Hi, I have two scripted fields. Both are integers used for scoring a Jira issue in two different ways. I am trying to create and chart a time series of the cumulative sum of these two scores for a specific ticket type of a specific project over the past 90 or 180 days. Day level detail is fine. I can get the chart to work but only for scoring changes that are back tagged to the ticket creation date for that scripted field.

What I want is a daily chart (essentially a burn down or up type chart) plotting these two scoring sums on a daily basis and having that chart reflect any changes made to the project and the ticket type for a given day. If the change is back-dated to the ticket creation date it doesn’t make sense as a score change today can be reflected in the chart potentially months ago.

These are my advanced settings:
name = “Score”
data_type = ‘integer’
measure = true
get_changelog_string = true (I tried removing this as well)

And this is what I see on the Jira import options:

I have ‘Import issue change history’ selected.

Any thoughts?

Hi @Adam_hollow,

In eazyBI, you can analyze numeric field changes over time if the custom field data type is integer or decimal, and its value changes are stored in the issue changelog.

Unfortunately, the value change import of scripted custom fields is not available in eazyBI because value changes of those custom fields are not represented in issues history.

Zane /