Cannot produce simple GANTT

I have simple issues with Start date and Due date fields.
After importing the tickets from this project, I only can find the Due date field.
Even when trying to define new column manually, it cannot display the data.
Any thoughts?


Could you check under Source data, in Jira Import options tab Custom fields, if Start date has been marked for import?
Could you tell if you are getting any data imported to the Start date field?

Some more info about custom fields import here: Jira custom fields

Once you have data imported, it is essential to keep the correct sequence of dates - Start date row should be before the end date.

Oskars / eazyBI

works well, thanks!
now I have trouble with permissions, I put the report on the Jira dashboard but it is not available for everyone.
How do I fix it?

You need to add Jira users or Jira groups to the eazyBI account to grant access to the dashboard.
“Dashboard viewer” rights should be sufficient for visibility.
You can find more about adding users to account here: Account users

Oskars / eazyBI

worked well, thanks!