Cannot see right transition status at the last day of the Sprint


I created a report that shows the number of issues in status at the end of every day

On the last day of the Sprint, I see Zero for some issue and I cannot find the reason for it.
Please, help me.

The report

Focusing on one example of Issue

and if I remove Sprint from the row - I will get

I really appreciate any help you can provide.
Dima Kostiuk


The likely reason for showing zeros on the last day of the sprint is that eazyBI automatically removes tickets not completed to (no sprint) once the sprint is closed.

Issues history gives the count of issues at the end of the selected period (day), so if you close the sprint on October 27, there is zero unresolved issues in the sprint at the end of the day.

The workaround for your report is to combine the Issues history with a measure that is specifically designed to show data at sprint closing.

The following formula should do that:

 DateInPeriod([Measures].[Sprint end date],
 [Measures].[Sprint issues at closing].value
 [Measures].[Issues history].value

Janis, eazyBI support

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Thank you

it is better to use
[Measures].[Sprint actual end date]