Cant split the arrayresults from Sonarqube

I am trying to make a REST-API integration with Sonarcloud. I am getting the data I am looking for, but I cant split the array with the data to new field names. The only details I am looking for is the ‘Name’ of the project and the ‘status’ results. Also I am trying to see if I can get a Time dimension included. I think I have to add custom javascript code, but I dont know how.

Hi @Arno_Willems

The first thing that you can do here is to specify a Data path for this source so that the necessary value could be read in as columns.

In this case, judging from the Field name of the column, it could be $.branches

This should return the data sorted in name, isMain, type etc. columns.

Let me know if this works as expected!
​Best regards,