Capacity Report - Filter custom date field

I have a capacity report in which I need to filter based on a custom date field for up until 2 weeks from today. I’m new to EazyBI so it’s very possible I’ve missed the easy solution. I’ve tried filtering with the Time dimension but that only works when the time dimension is expanded and that’s too much information for my report. So I’m trying to filter for issues with a Kick-Off date of any date up to two weeks from now. At the moment this field isn’t a dimension, but a measure [Measures].[Issues with Kickoff Date]
A bit stuck, if anyone has any ideas that would be great, thank you!

Hi @Stevie_Clark,
It is great that you have already found the measure “Issues with KOM” that counts how many issues are on the Time dimension by the KOM date.
If you want to see only issues that will have a KOM date in the next two weeks, I suggest creating a calculated member in the Time dimension using this formula (create this member in [Time.Weekly] hierarchy)

  [Time.Weekly].[Day].DateMembersBetween('today', '2 weeks from now')

Then add the Time dimension in Pages and filter your report by the calculated member:

Gerda //

That works great, thank you!!

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