Capture the last history log in a custom field

i’d like to show the last change in the history for an issues and I imagine that I can only get it through a java script custom field.
I did few tries but didn’t succeed to get it and I need your help on. Could you please help with the appropriate code to be used?

thank you,

Hi @anitu,

You can get the date of the last transition for the single select custom field also without JavaScript.

  1. Import change history of the custom field in eazyBI.
    1.1 In advanced setting add parameters separate_table = true and changes = true to enable changes for import options. Here are more details and example: Advanced settings for custom fields
    1.2 In import options, in the custom field tab, select to Import value changes and import data.

  2. In the report, create a new calculated measure in Measures that would show the timestamp of the last changes in a specified field. For the calculation use hidden measure “Transition to/from last timestamp” and hidden dimension “Tranistion field”. The expression might look like this:

      ([Measures].[Transition from last timestamp],
      [Transition Field].[custom field name],

    There are more details on hidden historical measures and dimensions: Import issue change history.

You can check out other Community topics on similar use cases to analyze custom field history:

Zane /

Hi Zane,
Thank you for your answer.

In fact, the need I have is to get the last history regardless of the filed, the same way I can get the last comment.
And, I would like to be able to get the last history of the ticket, because the last update depends on it, and I can often see a ticket having been recently updated, without a real change on it. And when I look in the history I notice that someone changed the assignee, or the severity, or whatever other information that has no real value to me.
So, in order to track if the update of the ticket is meaningful I would like to get the “body” of the last history.

I’d very much appreciate getting that information, no worries if this is not possible. I’ll manage my need somehow.