Cascading page filter

I have 3 to 4 projects under this there are multiple sprints are running. So I want to create the cascading page filter in EazyBI. Any suggestions on how to do this?

Ex: I have project A—> sprint1, sprint 2
Project B —> Sprint 4 , Sprint 5

I am using both project and sprint in page. If I select Project A I want to see only the sprints associated with that project in this page filter.

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Dimensions in Pages are independent, and, currently, the selection from Project dimension does not limit the value list for other related dimensions.
Though, we have a feature request to solve that problem in a future (no ETA yet).

You can consider using only Sprint dimension for a particular sprint selection board are pased on projects. Sprints are grouped by Boards so you can expand one particular board and select any sprint for this board.

Daina /

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Thanks Daina, it will be great if we have this feature added in reporting.