Case Statement pulling from Issue field * Faulty


I am very new to Eazy Bi and trying to create a calculated measure that takes the field ‘Manager Name’ from an issue and categorises it into what VP that Manager falls under. The output I want, is for it to print the VP name as text (in a column).

This is my first pass, it gives me no errors but when I select it nothing shows. Is this the correct logic for the query?

Any pointers would be highly appreciated! Thanks.

CASE [Issue].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Manager Name’)
WHEN “Manager Name” THEN “VP Name”
WHEN “Manager Name2” THEN “VP Name2”
WHEN “Manager Name3” THEN “VP Name3”

Hi @aiapps2,

What do you have on rows? If it’s the Issue dimension / Issue level, this Measure should give you the result - show the VP name depending on the Issue manager name that you get from an issue property.

If the report configuration is different, it would be useful to see some screenshots and possibly the report definition. More details about the report context and expected result, as well as the error you get, would help me better assist you.

Lauma /