Cell formatting option in order to differentiate empty cells in eazyBI

We are creating a report which will show us the variance between two dates and its respective color.

#1 If the variance is positive we would like to display it in green color.
#2 If the variance is negative we would like to display it in Red color.
#3 If there is no variance (i.e If the data is NULL) then we would like to display in white or yellow color.

We are facing issue at item #3. Can you please help us ?

Please refer the screenshot for better understanding of the same.


Thank you for asking this question.

Currently, empty value and Null values are treated equally, therefore, also empty values are colored.
We are aware of this behavior and we are going to improve that in the next version of eazyBI (4.5.) which hopefully will be released in a couple of weeks.

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Is it resolved? How do I “remove” formatting for null/empty cells?

Hi @Leonardo.Nacazato

Have you upgraded your eazyBI version to latest one?
In the latest version, the cell formatting would not change the format for empty cells.

Martins / eazyBI support

Hi @martins.vanags

I don’t think so. Even the layout is different than yours, i’ll check here if there is a chance to update.

The version:

Thanks again :smiley: